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York College of Pennsylvania’s Center for Community Engagement (CCE) and Keystones Oral Histories series are partnering to raise awareness of the rightful place of veterans of color in the historic military legacy of York County’s history. 

This community-based learning project offers opportunities to students across a wide variety of disciplines. History majors can help discover untold stories, and so not just learn, but make history. Education majors can help update curricula in ways that help a diverse student body learn about their own culture’s place in York County history. Communications majors are learning from professionals about how to produce, film, and edit video narratives. And Business majors can learn how the business of filmmaking and non-profit entities work.  Whatever your major, you can find a place in this project.

By participating in this mutually beneficial collaboration, you will engage in the hands-on learning that York College is committed to while lending your talent, time, and innovative ideas to a worthwhile community effort.

In 2020, York College and its Center for Community Engagement (CCE) formed a partnership with Keystones Oral Histories to raise awareness of the rightful place of veterans of color in the military legacy of York County’s history.
Mass Communication majors Heather Fiore ‘22, Mykela Heidel ‘22, and Morrissey Walsh ‘23 filmed and edited this video interview about WWI veteran George A. Wood in collaboration with Keystones Oral Histories.


We believe that:
  • The history of a community that we tell should be inclusive of all of its residents.
  • The sacrifice made by military veterans, including veterans of color, deserves to be remembered.
  • Students who participate in writing our history will also be those who best understand history.
  • Future teachers who participate in diversity-aware projects will help their future students be more diversity-aware as well.
  • The work of diversity, equity, and inclusion is mutually beneficial for our students and the community.

Source: York College


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