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Keystones Oral History Series

An Oral History Of The African American Influence Within Pennyslvania’s Capital Region

The African American Community within Pennsylvania’s Capital Region has placed an illustrious influence on the historical development of the region and, associatively, the United States. 

However, this influence is understated, underappreciated, and relatively unknown to our region’s community and students. From athletics to education; community service to medical service; religion to military; and more; the Dauphin County African American community has played a role that deserves to be celebrated and presented to today’s and tomorrow’s generations.

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Keystones African-American Military Hall of Fame


Keystones created in 2018 the first African-American military Hall of Fame for south-central Pennsylvania. This Hall of Fame induction ceremony convened at the Scottish rite Cathedral in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Several individuals from throughout the region were inducted into the initial Keystones Hall Fame. Additionally, Keystones celebrated his first anniversary. This Hall of Fame was broadcast across the state of Pennsylvania on the Pennsylvania Cable Network.


Brother Wade,
You have no idea how you’ve touched soooo very many vets … especially Korean Vets, whose service was in “the forgotten War” …. and Vietnam Vets, who’ve felt they were never welcomed home and women whose service has been invisible in the socially conscious.

Last night you lifted us up. As a Vietnam Vet, we suffered from a cloaked return home. Unlike our warrior predecessors & those of successive conflicts, the society to which we returned saw us as morally & politically degenerate (more accurately, we were scapegoats for a morally & politically conflicted country).

Last night we all felt welcomed home, honored for our service, recognized as part of the long legacy of African American soldiers & patriots going back to the Revolutionary War. We were African American men & women recognized for our service, sacrifice & patriotism.

Perhaps the most meaningful was the remembrance of the fallen & their families. As the saying goes, ” All gave some, some gave all”.

Thank you & your crew for this labor of love & preservation of local legacy for the Capitol Area Black community.

Your brother in Christ
Nathan Baxter

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